Each day that we wake up we are able to dictate the type of day, week, month, year that we will have. It is essential to focus on your goals, motivation, and purpose especially I difficult times. As you encounter your fourth quarter remember that you are in control. If you felt like 2020 wasn’t your year let us take a moment and reflect. Let us think about the new shows we were able to watch, the free meals from being back home we got, and the quarantine days when our schedules were free. How we choose to view the world is a direct correlation with how the world views us. Through the next couple of weeks you will embark on a journey with the Lavish Life Brand. During this journey reflect on the following questions.

-What have you chosen as your perspective today? Will you view the glass as half full or half empty. Every day is your day. Enjoy this journey.


Perspective can be shifted once you progress from a fixed mindset to a mindset prepared for growth.

  • Celebrate your achievements from your effort and choices.
  • Failure happens, do not allow it to discourage you.
  • Recognize traits/qualities that keep you stagnate and those that make you.



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