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Time Management and Organization

If you’re anything like me, hours before an assignment is due, you’re frantically making a cup of coffee to stay up to turn it in by the deadline. You are sitting there trying to figure out how can you write five more pages in four hours. The constant all-nighters are an option many people have had to pick throughout their professional and educational career but there are other options.


Prepare in advance:

  • Write your assignment due dates in a planner (Lavish Life Brand Planner).
    • Physical planners are great for those who like to write down assignments.
    • Online planners can be used for people on the go and be connected on all devices.
    • White boards: Can be used to write due dates. White boards can be used to visually see the dates for exams, homework, and projects (tip: write the different types of due dates (exams/homework/projects) in differing colors. 
  • Plan your day the night before by writing down everything you plan to accomplish the following day. This will also allow you to mentally prepare for the events and help you have more restorative sleep.

Reclaim your time:

  • Find times that work best for you.
    • Find a time during your day where you feel the most productive. It is important to listen to your body to determine when do you feel the best to complete your assignments. Once you identify if you are a morning, afternoon, or evening person carve time into your schedule to do homework and study for exams.
    • It is important to find times where you can perform your best.

Written by J'haria Dallas , Fall 2020 Intern 

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