Week 5 - Mentorship - Building Your Ladder to Professional Success

Mentorship - Building Your Ladder to Professional Success  


As we travel through life it is important to note we are never going through things alone. There are people that make up our team that reflect us and are there to ensure we are successful. No matter if you are a student, business owner, forex trader, or someone who has a nine to five, success is at your fingertips. We all have different ideas of what success entails and it begins with figuring out our purpose. We were each placed on this planet for our greater purpose.


During the fourth quarter of the year let us focus on way to prepare for the next year. An essential part of our success are the people who have paved the way.

  • Identify a mentor; someone who has priceless information that you do not have yet. Mentors are intended to become a valuable friend.
  • A Good mentor is someone who:
    • Is open and friendly
    • Has a visible and verifiable track record of success
    • Passionate about their field

Building up your team and identifying your purpose are essential parts of truly finding your purpose. Each person reaches their definition of success at different times. Never give up on your dreams and aspirations. During the fourth quarter truly think about where you see yourself being next year in your life and collaborating with those who can help you get there.

Written by: J'haria Dallas, Fall 2020 Intern

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