Why we ALL need a planner

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You’ve got a lot going on. We all do, and trust us when we say that we understand that it’s really easy for things to slip through the cracks. Everyone needs somewhere to write down everything they need to remember for a day/week/month in order to keep them on track and sane. With that, you should definitely consider a planner.

For starters, it’s a great place to have everything you need to complete. By putting it all in one place, you can determine what you need to focus on, what can wait, what is upcoming, and what new opportunities you can agree to. This way you can prepare for when lots of events and assignments are coming up and always be on top of your schedule. You don’t have to worry about forgetting that you need to complete your math homework because it’s written down.

It’s scientifically proven that writing things down helps you remember it better. While this is incredibly beneficial for your school work (take notes, guys), it also helps with remembering important dates, when things are due, exams etc. Not only will you have a place to check that has all the information in one spot, you will also be taking the time to make sure everything is written down which means you are more likely to remember that lunch meeting you scheduled for Thursday.

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Most planners offer a section to show your schedule (or maybe not most, but the Lavish Life planner definitely does). With this, you are able to build a schedule that will keep you on track and provide you with time frames to get everything done. As a college student this can be especially helpful if you want to work around your courses and want to remember when meetings for clubs are held.

Special dates can be recorded and remembered. This means that you won’t forget anyone’s birthday even if you are running around like a madman all day and all anniversaries are easily accessible.

The Lavish Life Academic planner also includes expense/budget sheets, which is something many college students need but don’t really think about. Money is hard to manage, especially when you are trying to take a full course load, pay for books, have a social life, and still find time to hang out with friends. With this, having a set budget for each month as well as a place where you can track how well you are following it, since we all know many of us actively avoid checking our bank account balance, is a great way to keep track of how you are doing financially. As for businesses, money is what allows a business to survive, so keeping track of this is essential.

Some of our favorite academic based spreads include 

  •  a master syllabus to allow you to keep all your syllabi's important information on one page
  • an accountability partners section so you can write down a friend or classmate from each class that will be your go to person to ask for homework help, study meet ups etc
  • a grade tracker where you can keep track of your grades all throughout the semester so you never feel like you don't know where your GPA stands

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a planner. Organization will get you far in the world and keep you on track to reaching your goals. Life tends to come at us fast and there is always something that needs to be completed, so don’t let these things get the best of you just because you don’t have somewhere to keep it all together.

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