The 90 Day Hustle Challenge is back but this time its Quarantine Edition! This is a way for you to stay motivated, positive and productive during these crazy times.

Typically we do the #90DayHustleChallenge right before the New Year but with all thats going on with the world right now, this is a perfect time to get your mind right and focus on the things you can control, one of that being self improvement! Although you can't control what happens in the world, we can always control how you respond to it. So heres the challenge:

Each day there are 5 DAILY HUSTLES to try and accomplish for the challenge. 

1. SET MORNING ROUTINE - Wake up early, journal, take a shower, have breakfast or a cup of coffee. It's up to you! Having a set consistent morning routine prepares your mind and body for a productive day.

2. GET ACTIVE - Whether its taking a walk or following a workout routine, dedicate time daily to incorporating physical activity!

3. SELF CARE - Spend some time to do something you enjoy. You can pick something you want to do for yourself daily or follow our daily challenge prompt on @lavishlifebrand.

4. READ - Whether you're in school or not, spend sometime daily to read and learn new information. This can be in the form of school work, self help books or learning a new skill!

5. TOP 3 OF THE DAY - At the end of the day write down the top 3 things you would like to accomplish for the following day. Doing this allows you to start your next day with intention

Also You can also choose to take part in our Instagram  #90DAYHUSTLECHALLENGE, every day we will give a different self care task for the community to complete! We post on our IG story  and you can do it along with us by tagging #90dayhustlechallenge and @lavishlifebrand!

But wait theres more! Every week we will be sending out a blog post based around self improvement, self discipline and more that will be sent straight to your inbox! 

Last but not least, every SUNDAY, our CEO Ruby Asabor will be going live to answer your questions, give motivation or just talk about different topics! 

If you do decide to do the challenge, tag 3 different friends as your accountability partners on this IG Post and send this link for them to get e-mails throughout the challenge!

Follow our Instagram where every day we will have a seperate daily challenge!