New USPS policies, combined with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, mean have meant weeks of delays for packages that used to get delivered in no more than three days. And small businesses such as the Lavish Life Brand that rely on the post office are now feeling the heat.⁠⠀



First and foremost, we want to Thank you so much for purchasing from the Lavish Life Brand. Your support means everything to Ruby and the team. 

This year we are experiencing ALOT more issues than usual due to Covid 19, something we really have no control over. Businesses everywhere are understaffed and the quality of services are put into effect, although we have upped our own staff and have increased working time we have no control over others.

  • Our manufacturers accidentally mass producing our first draft, including an error in the August layout of the planner and a couple of minor spelling and spacing errors instead of our final edited draft. 
  • Inventory delays to our warehouse pushing back the start of fulfilment.
  • USPS not picking up our orders due to low staff and budget cuts.
  • USPS messing up when it comes to scanning and fulfilling orders, accidentally marking orders as delivered when they are still on their way
  • Customs clearance delays when it comes to International Orders

Although we have absolutely no control over this, we do completely understand your frustration when it comes to the delivery of your order. We do hope you can be understanding of the impact of these delays to us as a whole. We are trying our best to keep you in the loop and customer satisfaction is number 1 for us, rest assured if you haven't receieved your order yet we are doing our best to make sure you can get it ASAP.

For those of you that have received your orders, we do hope you love it thus far, feel free to tag us on your IG stories @lavishlifebrand

Lastly, Ruby and the rest of the team would like to thank you for your support of the company. We truly appreciate your support and we want to thank you for your patience with us. We can guarantee that the wait will be worth it, we have gotten amazing feedback so far and we are determined to make sure this is your best year yet. We will be working very hard to get your orders out to you as soon as possible.