Lavish Life Business Academy

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One of my business mentors told me "Invest in yourself, invest in your business and watch your money multiply"

Over the course of almost 3 years, I have invested about $2,000 in business consulting, brand management, online courses, vendors, business services and more. I am here to teach you EVERYTHING I've learned to help grow my business to generate over 10k a month... without that $2,000 price tag. 

This is a Part of the "Lavish Life Business Academy". It is open to men and women of all ages who happen to be interested in starting their own business. I aspire to help everyone far beyond what a regular business consultant does, I will be your business coach and mentor. I will be providing you guys with an unlimited amount of vendors, resources, tips, and other services to ensure that you don't only start your business, but also have tools you need to grow the business successfully!

What is included

      • 1 on 1 consultation Brand analysis with Re Branding Strategy
      • 3 Hour intimate in person class in NYC (3 different classes based on level)
      • Suggested Reading
      • Suggested Podcast Listening
      • Personalized Business Planner 


"Your whole life can be a business as long as you have the model and the marketing to make it happen."

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